EBELT is new kind of belt with unique qualities. The belt stretches and makes it very confortable to use but does not loose its shape over time. The belts are machine washable and hardwearing so perfect for work uniforms as well as leisure time. EBELT products are made In Europe with high quality and sustainable manufacturing process that fills the criteria of OEKO-TEX standard. Choose and buy your favorite Ebelt below.
Superior Belt
EBELT Classic is robust belt with inwoven stretch. EBELT Classic is a perfect belt choice for travel, work and leisure. EBELT Classic is available in black with nickel free metal boucle. The length of the belt is 120 cm.

EBELT Shade is lightweight belt with knitted stretchy structure. The Belt is strong enough to carry tools attached to it. The belt can be machine-washed and even with time it keeps its shape well; the edges of the belt do not start rolling.

EBELT Shade is available in attractive colour card suitable for different situations. The High Visibility coloured belts work as appropriate addition to work wear uniforms as well as cool accessory in active leisure activities as skateboarding and skiing. The classic coloured belts are perfect for everyday use and can also easily be worn when on the golf Course or hiking. EBELT Shade comes with durable belt made from polyamide. The boucle is lightweight, comfortable and quiet. The length of the belt is 130 cm.

Neon Red
Neon Yellow
Maranello Red
Dark Grey
Navy Blue
Wave Blue
Military Green
EBELT Custom for the team

All EBELTS are easy to customize. The EBELT boucles can be embossed, lazered or printed with your own design. We are happy to give consultation how to achieve your own design and look for EBELT suitable for the whole team.

For more information on EBELT Custom and ordering, please contact us.


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